Burlyburn Heat Logs

5 Bags: £26.25 – Only £5.25 Each
10 Bags: £49.90 – Only £4.90 Each
20 Bags: £90.00 – Only £4.50 Each
50 Bags: £210.00 – Only £4.20 Each

Price Includes: FREE Kindling and Firelighters.

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Burlyburn Heat Logs are an excellent fuel for burning on all types of Wood Burning Stoves and Open Fires.

Miscanthus, also known as Elephant Grass, is compressed into these 100% Natural logs which are very uniformed in shape they also have rapid growing properties, and a low mineral content.

These Heat Logs are also Carbon Neutral making them extremely environmentally friendly, this means less smoke and also no sparks or spitting.

It is a popular choice for Biomass Boilers, Open Fires and Log Burning Stoves, out performing similar fuels.

Burlyburn Heat Logs
  • Available in 15kg Bags
  • 100% Miscanthus (Elephant Grass).
  • Burns Hotter & Longer than wood alternatives.
  • Low Smoke and dust.
  • No Spitting or Sparks.
  • Carbon Neutral.
  • 100% Natural, Sustainable Product.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Produced Locally.
  • Compact and uniformed.

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Product Specification

Wood Species: N/A
Wood Type: N/A
Average Moisture Content: N/A
Average Product Weight: N/A
Log Lengths: N/A
Heat Output: 0
Burnlife: 0
Flame Effect: 0
Ease Of Use: 0
For Use On:
Hetas Approved: N/A
Smokeless Zone: N/A


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5 Bags – £26.25 – Only £5.25 each, 10 Bags – £49.90 – Only £4.99 each, 20 Bags – £90.00 – Only £4.50 each, 50 Bags – £210.00 – Only £4.20 each

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