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Part Seasoned Softwood Logs

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PLEASE NOTE: This product may require further drying before burning.

Our Softwood, Part Seasoned Logs are packed into user friendly nets, each net contains approximately 11 to 14 logs depending on the size of individual logs.

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Our Softwood, Part Seasoned Logs are packed into user friendly nets, each net contains approximately 11 to 14 logs depending on the size of individual logs.

Part Seasoned Logs are exactly what they are called, Softwood Part Seasoned Logs, by popular demand we have been requested by many customers to produce a Part Seasoned Logs so the you the customer can finish the seasoning at home if required. Obviously, this is visible in the price, the Softwood, Part Seasoned Logs are cheaper than all our log products, this is purely because the Part Seasoned Logs are not kiln dried and our production costs are lower. The moisture content is approximately 30% to 45% when processed, this varies throughout the year, for instance if you purchase our Part Seasoned Logs in the summer months, the moisture level will be lower, if you purchase them in the winter months the moisture content will be higher. Buying Part Seasoned Logs is highly recommended if you are heating your home on a budget or simply enjoy drying your own logs, the Seasoned Logs look good stacked next to your fire, they then dry out really well.

Our Softwood is grown, harvested, split and netted in Cornwall, the trees are grown purely for firewood, chip wood for biomass boilers, paper production and the building trade, as soon as the timber is felled and cleared, the land is replanted ready for another harvest in 8 to 10 years’ time, this will be for the thinning process, allowing for the remaining trees to get bigger for the timber trade, so it’s all totally sustainable for the future.

By purchasing from us, you are supporting the Cornish community.

The trees used for our Part Seasoned Softwood Logs is primarily Larch, Larch is a member of the Spruce family of softwoods, Larch is one of the best species to use for Softwood, Seasoned Logs because is very dense and once dried burns well.

Our Seasoned Logs come in 8 inch, 10 inch packed in easy to carry nets.

If you are going to store the Part Seasoned Logs, please do so in a dry and well-ventilated area or room, until your desired moisture level has been reached.

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Product Specification

Wood Species: Larch
Wood Type: Softwood
Average Moisture Content: 30 - 40%
Average Product Weight: 12kg
Log Lengths: 10 inch / 250mm
Heat Output:
Flame Effect:
Ease Of Use:
For Use On: Open Fires
Hetas Approved: No
Smokeless Zone: No

2 reviews for Part Seasoned Softwood Logs

  1. V Gurney St Austell

    Just like to say this wood was good value for money, it is a bit wet like you say, left it next to my log burner for a few days, it then burns really well, good value.

  2. S Harris

    Very good product for the price, the wood was still quite wet, but then, that’s what we paid, will keep them in our wood store to dry out, will be ready for next year, thank you, will buy again

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1 Net – £4.00, 5 Nets – £19.00 – Only £3.80 Each, 10 Nets – £37.00 – Only £3.70 Each, 20 Nets – £72.00 – Only £3.60 Each, 50 Nets – £175.00 – Only £3.50 Each

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