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Kiln Dried Birch Logs Large Crate

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1x Large Crate £159.00
2x Large Crates £310.00 – Only £155.00 Each

Currently available: 10 Inch

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Kiln Dried Birch Crates

Our Kiln Dried hardwood Birch logs are hand packed neatly into paletized crates. Because the logs are hand packed neatly, there are only small spaces between the logs, giving you a greater number of logs per cubic metre than in our loose loads.

Why Burn Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs?

Burning our Kiln Dried Logs will give you the maximum heat output per log, making them more cost effective over Seasoned or Part Seasoned alternatives. Burning Kiln Dried Logs also keeps your wood burner glass and flue clear of any tar residue and nasty deposits. It will certainly help to prolong the life of your wood burner or appliance and will save you money on chimney sweeping fees.

Before we send out these crates, they are securely strapped then capped in a plastic waterproof cover, then shrink wrapped, just in case of a shower whilst delivery is taking place, this ensures you get your wood dry and ready to burn. (Price includes VAT)

PLEASE NOTE: All our crates of wood are delivered to a single place. We are not able to split the delivery, or carry through a property to the rear. Please ensure your delivery area to the front or rear is easily accessible and is on firm ground as we will use a pallet truck to position your wood in the correct and convenient place.

If you require the logs to be moved and stacked away we can provide this service. Please call our customer service team on 01208 816827 for the latest price.

Product Specification

Wood Species: N/A
Wood Type: Birch
Average Moisture Content: Below 20%
Average Product Weight: N/A
Log Lengths: 10 Inch
Heat Output:
Flame Effect:
Ease Of Use:
For Use On:
Hetas Approved: N/A
Smokeless Zone: N/A


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Additional information


1 Large Crate – £159.00, 2 Large Crates – £310.00 – £155.00 Each

Our Lorry Dimensions / Access Requirments

We us an ‘Isuzu Grafter’ for our wood deliveries. When making a wood order at Logan’s please let us know if you think we will have issues delivering to your home. If you can let our sales advisor know if you have a single-track road, low bridge or any other obstacle which you think might cause us issues we can try to deliver your order in a suitable vehicle.

As a basic rule, we ask our customers if they can fit a regular bin lorry down their road, street or lane. This gives us a good indication of how much space we have to make the delivery.

Delivery of up to 4 Cubic Metres of wood.

We can deliver up to 4 Cubic Metres with our standard tipper lorry. Please see the diagram below for our lorry measurements.

Single Lorry Diagram

Delivery of 5 – 8 Cubic Metres of wood.

We can deliver from 5 to 8 Cubic Metres with our standard tipper lorry plus a trailer. Please see the diagram below for our lorry and trailer measurements.

Trailer Lorry Diagram